Film festival branding of a nine-day cultural celebration in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. Renowned for curating a diverse and compelling lineup of Black cinematic excellence.

  • Branding
  • Print Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Strategy
  • Online Marketing
  • Merchandise Design
  • Web Design & Programming

The development of the Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival brand was to attract a wider audience to Black film making excellence.  7ONE8 Design created and maintained the brand identity for a series of years by:

Creative Direction: Creative direction was pivotal in conveying the festival’s unique essence. We provided creative direction that ensured all visual elements and messaging were cohesive, captivating, and reflective of the festival’s mission.

Film Festival Branding: We recognized the importance of a strong and resonant brand identity. Every year, our team led the initiative to craft a cohesive brand identity that aligned with the festival’s mission and celebrated Black cinematic excellence.

Print Development: To enhance the festival’s appeal and provide informative and engaging materials, we undertook the development of print collateral. These materials informed and attracted attendees, fostering anticipation and a sense of community.

Digital Strategy: In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is indispensable. We devised a digital strategy tailored to the festival’s unique attributes, increasing its online visibility and engagement.

Online Marketing: We launched online marketing campaigns that raised awareness about the festival. These campaigns not only attracted attendees but also cultivated a community of film enthusiasts who celebrated Black cinematic excellence.

Merchandise Design: Recognizing the significance of merchandise in promoting the festival, we took on the task of designing visually appealing and culturally resonant merchandise that further celebrated Black cinematic excellence.

Web Design & Programming: An inviting and user-friendly website is central to a successful festival. We designed and programmed a website that served as a central hub for all festival-related information, ticket sales, and community engagement.

Film Festival Branding Outcomes

The partnership between 7ONE8 Design and the Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival was transformative. The cohesive brand identity captured the festival’s essence of Black excellence and resonated with attendees, both longstanding and new.

Creative direction brought the festival’s spirit to life, ensuring all visual elements and messaging were cohesive and engaging. Print collateral materials informed and engaged attendees, fostering a sense of anticipation and community. The tailored digital strategy amplified the festival’s online presence, attracting a broader audience of film enthusiasts. Online marketing campaigns raised awareness and cultivated a community that celebrated Black cinematic excellence.

Visually appealing merchandise contributed to the festival’s appeal, serving as cultural keepsakes. The user-friendly website served as an essential platform for festival-goers to explore, engage, and celebrate Black cinematic excellence.

The outcomes were an enhanced brand awareness and a thriving community of attendees passionate about Black cinematic excellence. 7ONE8 Design played a vital role in amplifying the impact and message of the Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival.