Educational branding to enhance the profile of THE EARTH20 PROGRAM and attract students eager for a green energy adventure. This program, in collaboration with United States and Costa Rican universities, focuses on the study of green energy and sustainability in the captivating landscape of Costa Rica.

  • 360º E-commerce
  • Branding
  • Content Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Strategy
  • Online Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Sales + Marketing Optimization
  • Sales Strategy Optimization
  • Web Design & Programming

To enhance THE EARTH20 PROGRAM profile and attract students eager to embark on a green energy adventure, 7ONE8 Design implemented a wide array of design initiatives:

Creative Direction: The creative direction was instrumental in bringing to life the program’s essence. We provided creative direction that ensured all visual and messaging elements were cohesive, captivating, and in sync with the program’s mission.

Branding: We understood that an effective brand identity was essential for attracting students passionate about green energy. Our team undertook the task of crafting a cohesive brand identity that mirrored the values and goals of the program.

360º E-commerce: Recognizing the significance of an all-encompassing e-commerce platform, we developed a comprehensive solution that not only simplified the application process for students but also provided a user-centered experience.

Content Development: Engaging and informative content was central to informing students about the unique experiences THE EARTH20 PROGRAM offered. We created content that not only informed but also inspired students to take the plunge into the world of green energy and sustainability.

Digital Strategy: In an age dominated by digital presence, an effective digital strategy was indispensable. We formulated a strategy that heightened THE EARTH20 PROGRAM’s online visibility, drawing prospective students into the fold.

Online Marketing: To maximize the program’s reach, we launched online marketing campaigns that not only raised awareness but also cultivated a community of green energy enthusiasts, promoting sustainability and exploration.

Experiential Development: We recognized the need for a students’ experience to be the priority. Thus, we took on the role of developing experiences that complemented the program’s curriculum and the students’ needs.

Marketing Optimization: A strong sales and marketing strategy was key to achieving the program’s goals. We optimized these strategies to ensure that the enrollment process was smooth and efficient.

Sales Strategy Optimization: We refined the sales strategy, ensuring that the application process was seamless and appealing, ultimately drawing in students eager to study green energy in Costa Rica.

Web Design & Programming: The creation of an inviting and user-friendly website was central to attracting prospective students. We designed and programmed a website that provided a central hub for all information and interactions related to the program.

Educational Branding Outcomes

The collaboration between 7ONE8 Design and THE EARTH20 PROGRAM was transformative. The comprehensive e-commerce platform simplified the application process, making it more accessible and user-friendly. The new brand identity resonated with students passionate about green energy and sustainability, making THE EARTH20 PROGRAM more appealing. Content development fostered anticipation and inspired students to explore the world of green energy.

Experiential development enhanced the students’ experience, while optimized sales and marketing strategies streamlined the enrollment process. The user-friendly website became a central hub for students eager to embark on a green energy adventure.

The outcomes were a program with enhanced brand awareness, a growing community of students passionate about green energy, and a celebration of sustainability. 7ONE8 Design played a pivotal role in shaping the educational journey for students in THE EARTH20 PROGRAM, a transformative study abroad initiative.