An annual music and black lifestyle celebration that spotlights diversity, creativity, and individuality. Known for its vibrant fusion of music, art, and social consciousness.

  • Branding
  • Content Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Strategy
  • Online Marketing
  • Web Design & Programming

7ONE8 Design took the reins in shaping Afropunk Festival’s brand identity and enhancing its online presence for a series of years:

Creative Direction: Creative direction was vital in bringing the festival’s innovative and diverse spirit to life. Our team provided creative direction that ensured the festival’s message and visuals were cohesive, captivating, and, most importantly, relevant to its audience.

Branding: We were entrusted with managing the creation of an influential brand image that truly captured the essence of the festival. This encompassed designing festival collateral, crafting a visually appealing website, and producing compelling environmental graphics. The result was a brand image that resonated with Afropunk Festival’s diverse audience.

Content Development: Content is key in engaging and informing the audience. We took on the task of developing content that not only informed but also inspired festival-goers. This content was crucial in creating a sense of anticipation and fostering a community of like-minded individuals.

Digital Strategy: In an era where digital presence is paramount, a tailored digital strategy was essential. We formulated a strategy that highlighted Afropunk Festival’s unique attributes and increased its online presence. This strategy was fundamental in attracting and engaging a wider audience.

Online Marketing: Online marketing campaigns played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the festival. We executed campaigns that not only attracted attendees but also cultivated a community that resonated with Afropunk Festival’s message of diversity and creativity.

Web Design & Programming: An inviting and user-friendly website was pivotal for the festival’s success. We designed and programmed a website that served as a hub for all things Afropunk. This intuitive platform allowed festival-goers to explore, purchase tickets, and connect with the festival’s mission.

Music Festival Branding Outcomes

The partnership between 7ONE8 Design and Afropunk Festival was transformative. The new brand image captured the essence of the festival, resonating with its diverse and creative audience.

The tailored digital strategy increased the festival’s online social media presence, attracting a broader audience. Online marketing campaigns raised awareness and cultivated a community that valued Afropunk Festival’s message. Content development created anticipation and informed festival-goers, fostering a community that celebrated diversity and creativity. The user-friendly website improved accessibility, allowing festival-goers to engage with the festival’s offerings.

The outcomes were an enhanced brand awareness, a thriving community of festival-goers, and a celebration of diversity and creativity that Afropunk Festival represents. 7ONE8 Design played a vital role in amplifying the festival’s impact and message.