NYC Bright Starts

A vital initiative within the NYC Public School system, striving to amplify awareness about PreK, 3K, Infant, and Toddler programs. Their mission is to encourage families citywide to apply for these essential educational opportunities.

Digital Banner Ads
Digital Posters
Language Translations
Social Media Ads
Brand Guidelines
HTML Email

To kickstart the campaign, 7ONE8 Design ventured into crafting eye-catching digital banner ads that would serve as beacons of information. These ads were strategically positioned to capture the attention of families browsing the web, directing them to the Bright Starts programs.

Digital Posters: Complementing the digital banners, our team designed compelling digital posters that resonated with the program’s target audience. These posters were deployed across various digital platforms in Subways and Buses, effectively spreading the message and showcasing the opportunities available for young learners.

Language Translations: NYC is a city of diverse cultures and languages. 7ONE8 Design understood the importance of inclusivity. We provided language translations, ensuring that the message reached families across various linguistic backgrounds. No one was left out of the opportunity to engage with NYC Bright Starts.

Social Media Ads: In the age of social media, our team tapped into the immense potential of these platforms. We created a suite of engaging social media ads that not only informed but also inspired families to apply. Through targeted campaigns, we reached the right audience at the right time.

Brand Guidelines: To maintain a consistent and powerful visual identity, we established comprehensive brand guidelines. These guidelines ensured that every piece of content, from digital ads to posters, adhered to a unified and impactful brand image.

HTML Email: Email remains a significant channel for communication. We leveraged HTML email to deliver personalized messages and information directly to the inboxes of families. This direct approach fostered engagement and encouraged families to take action.

Digital Banner Campaign Outcomes

The partnership between NYC Bright Starts and 7ONE8 Design proved to be a resounding success. The digital banner ads and posters received widespread attention, increasing awareness of the programs and prompting families to explore educational opportunities for their children.

Language translations broke down barriers, making sure that every family, regardless of their language preference, had access to vital information. The social media ads facilitated active engagement, generating interest and applications for NYC Bright Starts programs.

The outcomes were clear: NYC Bright Starts witnessed a surge in applications and a boost in the awareness of their essential programs. Through the collaboration with 7ONE8 Design, the initiative continues to empower families in their pursuit of quality early education in the city.