A remarkable worker-owned, Black-led cooperative that serve as a bridge between farms and the city. Diligently working to build Brooklyn’s food sovereignty and ensure equitable access to quality produce.

  • Branding
  • Merch Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Web Design & Programming

Recognizing the significance of conveying their unique mission, 7ONE8 Design embarked on a comprehensive branding journey for Brooklyn Supported Agriculture. Our team reimagined their brand identity to authentically represent their commitment to food equity and sustainability by:

Logo and Merch Development: To effectively communicate the cooperative’s values and mission, we crafted a compelling logo that represented Brooklyn Supported Agriculture.

Online Marketing: Leveraging our expertise in online marketing, we executed campaign templates that heightened awareness of Brooklyn Supported Agriculture’s role in building food sovereignty. These campaigns attracted new supporters and reinforced the cooperative’s commitment to a more equitable food system.

Web Design & Programming:  We designed and programmed a new website for Brooklyn Supported Agriculture, offering visitors an immersive platform to explore the cooperative’s mission and products, ultimately fostering engagement and support.

Brand Awareness Outcomes

The partnership between 7ONE8 Design and Brooklyn Supported Agriculture yielded remarkable outcomes. The revitalized branding captured the essence of the cooperative’s mission, resonating with both longstanding supporters and newcomers who aligned with their values.

The new website design not only offered an immersive experience for visitors but also served as a hub for the cooperative’s mission and products. This increased visibility and engagement with the community, furthering the cause of food sovereignty.

The outcomes are clear: Brooklyn Supported Agriculture continues to be a powerful force in the quest for food equity, and with 7ONE8 Design’s support, they are effectively shaping the future of food sourcing and distribution in Brooklyn.