A unique and innovative venture dedicated to holistic well-being. They sought to create and promote herbal blends that catered to a discerning audience seeking holistic wellness.

  • 360º E-commerce
  • Branding
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Sales + Marketing Optimization
  • Sales Strategy Optimization
  • Web Design & Programming
  • Content Development
  • Online Marketing

A project that demanded creativity and innovation, 7ONE8 DESIGN provided meticulous creative and organizational direction. This was instrumental in crafting a compelling brand message and product development, where we spearheaded:

Branding: To infuse Dropping Seeds with a strong and resonant identity, we embarked on a comprehensive branding journey. The aim was to reflect their holistic and wellness-focused approach, ensuring they stood out in the market.

360º E-commerce: Recognizing the significance of a comprehensive e-commerce solution, 7ONE8 Design led the creation of a 360º e-commerce platform. This platform provided a user-centered experience that significantly increased conversion rates and, subsequently, revenue.

Digital Strategy: In the digital era, a robust digital strategy is indispensable. 7ONE8 Design formulated a tailored digital strategy that enhanced Dropping Seeds’ online presence, fostering engagement with the audience looking for holistic solutions.

Product Development: The creation and development of herbal blends required precision and creativity. Our team was deeply involved in product development, ensuring that the blends met the holistic wellness standards that Dropping Seeds sought to achieve.

Sales + Marketing Optimization: We optimized the sales and marketing strategies to ensure that the business grew substantially. The focus was not just on driving revenue but also on building a community that valued holistic well-being.

Web Design & Programming: A user-friendly and visually appealing website is central to modern marketing. We designed and programmed a website that served as a hub for exploring the herbal blends and the holistic well-being culture.

Content Development: Engaging and informative content was essential to foster engagement and educate the audience. We undertook content development to inform and inspire individuals to explore the world of holistic well-being.

Online Marketing: Leveraging our expertise in online marketing, we launched campaigns that not only raised awareness about Dropping Seeds’ products but also cultivated a community of holistic well-being enthusiasts.

Affiliate and Email Marketing: We developed global affiliate and email marketing programs, broadening the reach and attracting a global audience of holistic well-being supporters.

Social Media Management: Managing the company’s social media presence on various platforms was a key component of our role. We ensured that the content was not only consistent but also engaging, fostering a community of holistic well-being advocates.

Wellness Branding Outcomes

The collaboration between 7ONE8 Design and Dropping Seeds Multi-Use Herbal Blends was transformational. The 360º e-commerce platform significantly increased conversion rates and revenue, making the business more profitable.

The branding initiative established Dropping Seeds as a prominent figure in the holistic well-being space, standing out with a compelling identity. Creative direction ensured that product development was in line with the audience seeking holistic well-being solutions. The digital strategy heightened Dropping Seeds’ online presence, fostering engagement with a community of holistic wellness enthusiasts. Sales and marketing optimization maximized revenue growth and community building.

The outcomes were a thriving business and a growing community of individuals seeking holistic wellness through Dropping Seeds Multi-Use Herbal Blends.