Social Media Content Strategy

The First Medicine Music Festival will take place in Pisac, Cusco, Peru and will gather people for 3 days (July 26th and 27th and 28th). Over 20 hours of music created and performed by musicians, ceremony guides and wayfarers who have made the melody their true path toward consciousness.

Medicine Music is a rediscovered concept that comes from the origins of art, when the primary mission of art was to heal and not to accumulate money. To make the art a tool for healing and the development of consciousness. Additionally, there will be exhibitions, roundtables workshops in permaculture & organic gardening, local food and drinks.

All the takings from the festival will be donated entirely to support Wiñaypaq Intercultural School that provides free education to 80 children in Pisac, Cusco. All participants are performing for FREE as part of their contribution.

7ONE8 was hired to create the social media content strategy with the aim of increasing awareness and driving ticket sales.