EXPERTY DYI TIPS Why Not Thinking is Good for Thinking

A regular mind has at least 60,000 thoughts a day. Imagine, so many thoughts you think majority of humans would feel very accomplished. Only the opposite. Not that there are no accomplished individuals out there but that many of us FEEL like we have not accomplished enough. But is it true? After 40,000 years and counting of humans on earth are we a failed species?

I think the answer lies on how we look at it, or in the case of this post NOT look at it. Thinking is an amazing tool that separates us from other species, but also the same dam tool that make us stupid to other species.

We can go thru countless examples on how humans screw things up with their mind (nuclear bomb anyone?) But I do have a higher reverence for the human brain.

Different electromagnetic vibrations are emitted from our brain depending on its activity. So just like a computer, if we turn on every program, never close any Internet page, have music playing while streaming a movie…. you bet the computer will eventually crash. Very similar to that feeling you get when you are about or are having what psychologist call “a nervous breakdown.”

if the solution to your computer crashing is rebooting or restarting, what’s the solution to our thinking brain? Meditation. Now before you roll your eyes, remember the point of meditation is to stop the chatty mind. It’s our reboot/restart.

So how do you meditate? It can be in many different forms like:
-taking a jog ( or walk ) where you are concentrating on your breath
-sitting in front of a candle and getting lost in staring at the flame
-zoning out while listening to instrumental music or playing an instrument (singing bowl)
-closing your eyes and sitting/laying down while repeating mantras like OHM or SAT NAM or even LOVE

Once you start, you’ll begin to see and feel the benefits of shutting up your mind. In researching the best meditation method for yourself you will start to see that all methods have the same objective: to make those 60,000 thoughts go down to 1 thought and eventually no thought….even if its only for a split second.

As with your computer, shutting it off / or restarting not only helps its performance but also the computers longevity. So Shut down and restart your mind as much as you can, your mind and body will definitely thank you.