“9-5” or “Freelance”?

I think just about anyone under 55 today has asked this question. The list of pro and cons are endless. But is the economy getting to a point that we have no choice? We can all agree gone are the days of an 8 hr work day with an hour lunch where you worked for 10-50 yrs and became the company president. It existed but not for today’s generations under 50ish.

A 9-5 is looking more like 8-7ish, eat lunch at your desk, do your job plus two other jobs that are now your responsibility with a new fancy title but not the fancy pay. I agree the consistent every two week check is AWESOME. The extra sleep you get from knowing you have insurance is a PLUS and even that yearly weekly vacation something HOLY to look forward to. If this is enough for you to consider as the rest of your life then don’t read further.

But if that leaves u gasping for more out of life, then yes a “Freelance” position does give the space to add to your life. Whatever it may be like traveling or being your own boss, know that the good old money-making freelance days of the Clinton years during the dot com bubble are also gone.

The reality about freelance is if you can’t handle your current responsibility of three people, you won’t survive a day doing the job of every person. That’s truly what not having a 9-5 is, you are the president AND the cleaning lady while bookkeeping AND pitching a sale.

All the 9-5 perks are relinquish when you work for yourself. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get better perks. Like working when you want to or as little as you want. Do what you enjoy with only yourself as the person you have to answer to. And my most favorite perk … you can never fire yourself.

It’s almost like you really get to pick the least of two evils or two goods depending on how you see it. A 9-5 will keep your life stable like running on a hamster wheel and a Freelance life will keep you in constant change, like a never ending free-fall from space.

So what RIDE do you want? Either way it’s a trip!