Online Etiquette, are you following the “rules”? !

Ever get an email with all caps that made you feel like someone was screaming at you only to be calmed down by the happy face at the end of the sentence? In a world where majority of our communication comes to us digitally, the text on your screen can many times be misrepresented. What should you look out for and what should you use to your advantage?

Emoticon’s have created a whole new language of communication‚Ķeven an art form. But when pitching a client or submitting your resume, a smiley face will only get you deleted. Nevertheless just like a smile in a face to face communication goes far, the numerous Emoticons used today can be used as a tool for elevating the clarity of the tone of digital messages. Use wisely!

Tagging & Sharing
In a world where our whole life is being documented online, there are still people that like to be private. To each his own but when blasting out your daily dairy, be courteous of tagging by asking permission. For sharing, permission is also always the key! But sometimes you can’t reach the person you want to share their photo or story. Best thing is to always give credit when credit is due.

Depends on when your using it, very similar to the Emoticons. Definitely the rise of abbreviations is due to social media and texting. Your either short on time or limited to 140 characters, Acronyms are a life saver. But when trying to communicate professionally, they can be a WTF! But just like shorthand was an essential part of secretarial training as well as being useful for journalists, Acronyms is an essential part in social media, a field thats growing rapidly!

Never did I think the above etiquette rules would be a necessary conversation but when I read the other day that kids in kindergarten are tweeting as part of school work I said to myself OMG!