Empowerment, Sustainability and Higher Learning?
A Call to Action


I don’t have to tell you about the state of our world. Just turn on the news, read a facebook post or talk to your neighbor and things look a bit shaky. But what can one do?

After much soul searching I had to make a change in 7ONE8’s mission. I struggled with the idea of limiting the projects I can take to be only Empowering, Sustainable or support Higher Learning. Was scared I would lose clients therefore lose money. But every time I looked at my son’s face, I could not bare the thought of telling him when he’s an adult that I did NOTHING to help the world.

Branding for Empowerment, Sustainability and Higher Learning is my way of using my skills for the greater good. I don’t want to alienate anyone but at the end of the day, if you are not using YOUR skills for a better tomorrow then WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Trying to stack that money? Trying to be famous? Trying to take over the world? Well money, fame or power will do nothing if we have no earth to stand on.

So I ask you how are you using your super powers? For 7ONE8, we want to support empowering organizations like GIRL TALK. Uplift sustainable projects like PLANT THE RAIN. And visually vocalize higher learning efforts like CUNY ASAP

So if you are into Empowerment, Sustainability or Higher Learning CONTACT ME and lets start changing the future for our children!