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“The skin is the mirror of the soul”  but for a laser centre and longevity spa website their online presence mirror a bad case of acne. Lazur La Vie, located in Nyack NY was a classic example of having so many amazing services to offer and under-utilizing a variety of online tools, each tool had a different message. Unknowingly Lazur Lavie’ s viewers were losing interest in the “mess”. The solution was to create a cohesive strategy visually and streamline the message from the site to the html email, all social networks and time released content.

The first step was organizing all those little raisins in the cake. By interviewing and filtering through metadata, a structure for all the services Lazur La Vie offered took shape. The information architecture from the navigation to the slideshow was based on keywords that Lazur’s key demographics searched. Additionally, the visually inspiration for the interface design came from their recently renovated spa decor.

Next  we went to work on to “social network connect”. With so many social network tools and multiple mind-exhausting flows of information, the synchronization of visual imagery and user experience was key. From Facebook to Foursquares along with Twitter and Linkedin, Lazur La Vie’s message and visual delivery was designed and integrated to seamlessly attract and retain users while maintaining brand integrity.

The last key component  once the content migration was implemented was research and copy/imagery development of a content model that would co-exist with current trends and event calendars. For Lazur La Vie, looking and feeling great was their core message. And who best to give advice on looking and feeling great then their Beauty Aficionado/Founder and Aesthetic Surgical Consultant, Cheryl Anne. Along with weekly tidbits from Cheryl, the site also invited the audience to Ask Cheryl Ann questions concerning beauty and Lazur’s services. This not only resulted in a greater understanding of what people were looking for but also an incredible ROI with 90% of email submission turning into customers walking thru the doors.

To our excitement, and the clients of-course, there was a 200% increase in interested viewers. received 200 visits from search queries in a month prior to our campaign and 600 visits through searches and referring sites (Yelp, Facebook, & one-way links). The visitor overview demonstrated strong user engagement, repeat visits, and cohesion with the site’s content.

The final outcome  has resulted in not only an increase in customers but also invitations from and for Cheryl Ann to be a contributing writer. Making the online brand campaign for the Lazur La Vie site have a healthy acne free virtual glow!

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