WHAT I DID THIS SUMMER: Earthships #phuckyohouse

Earthships_#phuckyohouse-5Remember back in school the first week was all about how you spent your summer. So here we go, for me, I was on another planet! My husband/partner did a work/study program with Earthship Biotecture and me with our 3 month old son came for the ride. Not only was all the 6 weeks adventurous and nurturing BUT also inspiring and very very hopeful. Earthships are essentially self sustainable homes using new and old technology. It’s more then just “getting off the grid” it’s more then just “saving the earth” … it’s literally FREEDOM. Here’s why:

Yup ya heard right. No need to connect to the electricity company (that is two seconds from frying itself out). Using solar panels you can still have your fridge and wifi.

With use of rain water catchment systems and filters, your water supply is never ending – giving a whole new meaning to rainy days.

No really … You can grow greens, tomatoes, lemons … even avocados and bananas in and outside your home, BA-NA-NAS!

Believe it or not, you can sustain a 70 degree temperature in your home (summer or winter) with air vents, cooling tubes and passive solar heating (the position of your house against the sun). 

No seriously. With close to no utility bills, no reliance on a wasteful electrical/water grid, the use of recycle materials like tires and bottles as well as a price tag from $7,000 to $70,000 … u can say phuck it to your house.