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Since 2014, 7ONE8 has maintained a proven track record of building successful online and offline Brand Campaigns for clients in Fashion & Entertainment. We recently shifted our focus on projects that are Empowering, Sustainable or support Higher Learning.

With all the changes going on in the world, 7ONE8 wants to use our ability to communicate via design to be in service for the greater good. We don’t want to alienate anyone but at the end of the day, if you are not using YOUR skills for a better tomorrow then WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Trying to stack that money? Trying to be famous? Trying to take over the world? Well money, fame or power will do nothing if we have no earth to stand on.

So I ask you how are you using your super powers? For 7ONE8, we want to support empowering organizations like GIRL TALK. Uplift sustainable projects like PLANT THE RAIN. And visually vocalize higher learning efforts like CUNY ASAP. So if you are into Empowerment, Sustainability or Higher Learning CONTACT ME and lets start changing the future for our children!

The following are the different services we offer. To view a complete list of our clients click here
Through project discovery sessions we dissect your needs and goals. 7ONE8 researches ‘word on the street’ to ‘word on the net’ and yield information to feed our analysis. The discovery will birth a creative + design strategy, marketing + content strategy and/or digital + social media strategy.

What visually represents your product or service? 7ONE8 will take your vision and translate it into a Logo, Icon and Brand Vocabulary.

Even-though its a digital world, high-end print pieces on a budget are still needed for Stationery, Press-Kits, Look-books, Posters, Merchandise, Environmental Graphics (Banners), and Sales Material.

From E-commerce, Animation, Mobile Sites to Online/Ipad Magazine, Interface Design and Content Management System, 7ONE8 will build your online presence with web 3.0 standards.

7ONE8 visually brands your Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, Ustream, Vimeo and Facebook Pages, as well as connects them all from the backend so your message is heard seamlessly by everyone.

The best way to find customers is to let them find you. 7ONE8 will search engine optimize your site for peak results via Google, Yahoo and Bing. We offer Paid Searches, Web + Campaign Analytics and Custom Reporting.

Have a road-map to interact with your audience online? 7ONE8 will design and implement via copy writing, photography, videography, music and syndication to create a 360 engagement with your audience with quantitative results utilizing best content marketing practices.

Once the type of strategy that best enables you to communicate your positioning and achieve your goals is identified, 7ONE8 will allocate the resources and manage the schedule to stay effective so you can FOCUS on running your business.