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Dropping Seeds is a line of 100% organic herbs that are blended with the intention of using the benefits and potential of each plant in order to manage daily life. Based on Herbalism (a traditional medicinal or folk medicine practice), all the blends are meant to be inhaled (smoke or vaped), drank (teas) or enveloped by the skin (face, foot or body baths).

All the blends are made ethically from 100% handpicked, wildcrafted and USDA Certified Organic herbs. Our standard for product selection ensures no contact with chemical herbicides or pesticides, therefore having less risk of dangerous side effects when compared to the majority pharmaceutical drugs. Our ingredient choices are supported by global historical records as well as modern clinical research*. Documented uses of plants in our recipes date back 2,000-5,000 years for the Native Americans, Ancient Sumerians, Chinese Dynasties, Egyptian Royalties, Indian Yogis and many other indigenous cultures.

Dropping Seeds is a venture conceived and operated by Johanna and SirRoan, the director of 7ONE8 design. SirRoan and Johanna are passionate about sound, color, plant medicine, herbalism, permaculture and the future of earth for all our children. As our knowledge grows so does our network with collaborators bringing in their individual passions and experience to the product line and the overall mission.

Engaging the Knowledge Within.

By Liz Blake. Featured image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Kevin Talbot

“Inspired by her discovery of the healing power of plants during a natural pregnancy, Brooklyn-based Kokoro Chic entrepreneur, Johanna Guevara, brings both business expertise and herbal wisdom to her exciting new e-commerce venture, Dropping Seeds. Johanna crafts her blends for sipping, soaking and even smoking, as a healthy way to help New Yorkers stay calm, get focused and be well.”