Michigan Sports Business Conference

In a virtual world, the best way to stay in touch with your Alumni, Students and Sponsors is via a strong consistent online presence. Michigan Sports Business Conference was in need of an online presence that their internal team can utilize to connect various resources in the University of Michigan campus while becomeing an initiative to inspire creativity and innovation in the sports industry.

Michigan-Sports-Business-ConferenceImmediately the sites information architecture was redesigned to be more intuitively. The main focal how to cycle hgh point HGH was the news and information happening on campus that was connected to the sports industry via their blog.

Then we focus on the social media and connected twitter and facebook to the site along with branding the visuals for the social media.

And finally created a group of video tutorials so that the MSBC team can utilize the content management system WordPress and get their message out quickly and effectively for their Oct 13 2013 conference.