Occupy Wall Street En Español #ows

If you thought that we Latinos were going to miss this protest, you were wrong. Remember, this hot-blooded culture revolts for the high prices of tortillas in Mexico to taking the tilde — the squiggle over the letter n — out from keyboards in Spain.

Only one month old, this protest has spawn a public library to a daycare center as well as the occupy wall street newspaper “The Occupied Wall Street Journal.” Not only on its second edition BUT also available spanish.

With 2.3 million Latinos in New York City, the The Occupied Wall Street Journal was translated to spanish by Julia Gómez Sáez. Both the english and spanish versions can be download as a pdf online, an online catalogue of The People’s Library, a collective, public, open library of the Occupy Wall Street leaderless resistance movement. Many see the roots of Occupied Wall Street in the public squares of Cairo, Athens and Madrid. Nevertheless there are protesters who traveled from around the world to New York City to support this budding movement.

Don’t be surprise if you see more languages start popping out of The Peoples Library. As with popular sites offering multi-lingual versions like the NBA translated to éne•bé•a (the Spanish pronunciation of NBA) to Google supporting online searches using the Cherokee language we live in a multi-cultural world thats ready to unite in every language!