EXPERTY DYI TIPS Creating a meditation alter for your business (or life)

In the beginning, everyone just praised the earth, trees, seas, and animals because that’s all that was around them. Today, with all the different religions, you can shave your head, dress in orange and live in bliss singing all the time or dress in white, carry crosses and wear elaborate huge beautiful hats on Sundays. Some might say Capitalism is a religion if you wear suits 5-6 days a week, have a hundred or so high-end watches and toilet paper with money printed on it.

Nevertheless what they all have are symbols around them that represent their state of mind. And these symbols reassure us of what we want, bliss, salvation and/or wealth.

So what’s the difference between a visualization board made of a goal list and a shrine or alter also made of a intention list.

We can compare and contrast countless types of alters from a Santeria Shrine to a Fashion Brand mood-board but by now you can see the objective of this visualization tool. So why not create a small space that you go to, to be reminded every day of what YOU want.

Here’s how you start:
– create a main point, a candle or a picture of something/someone
– gather lucky or memorable items like your lucky home run ball or found seashells
– little by little more and more items will start to have that lucky vibration that makes you want to put them at the alter. Like a dried flower from a gift or a lucky rare found penny.
-now daily (as much as u can) visit it , meditate at it, sing/play an instrument to it, review all the items on it.

No matter what you end up doing, either a visualization board or a shrine, the only difference between both are your goals. But what they all have in common are that they should be kept in front of you and not forgotten.