You want to be a STAR!

Move to hollywood, speed thru sunset blvd, wear your glasses at night? Funny thing is we always wanted to be a star, from the Mayans to Leonardo Da Vinci, the “STARS” have us mesmerized.

Lets start with HOLLYWOOD. Yes the land of movie STARS! Hollywood was originally land of the Spaniards with their villa ranchos. Till it was sold to rich folks who eventually led to the creation of the film industry in the early 1900’s. The rest is history, all laid out on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with name, signatures and fingerprints framed by a star.

Who doesn’t see him or herself zooming down sunset blvd in a red convertible. Its a vision many have dreamed of and many have actually crashed doing. Did you know the spanish name for explosion is estralla…very close to star in spanish, estrella. And if your a nerd like me, the way a star is born is by it exploding aka supa nova. I bet if we ever see one, we will all be wearing glasses at night.

For the Mayans, the stars were everything. From birth to war to names to cycles of time not to mention levels and dimensions of consciousness. So far fetched for the Missionary priest that they had to demonize the Mayan culture (still alive today by the way). Imagine being Mayan and explaining death to your child as an experience to be have because we go back to Shibalba, a star in the sky where souls go to be reborn.

For Leonardo Da Vinici, he was obsessed with everything about life including relating man to nature. His famous Vitruvian Man drawing from 1487 shows the form of a man with sacred geometry (the mathematical formula you find in all living things from a sea shell to a tree) Here its a series of circles, squares and triangles. The shapes of symbols used in multiple religious iconography like the Star of David and its 6 points or the heart Chakra and its six petals.

If you need some science to back up my idea of our primal obsession with stars then check out the elements in a body and the elements in a star… 93% of the mass in our body is stardust.

So don’t stop wishing on a star. The magic is true, you actually are a star!