Why you are doing your Social Media all wrong!

Are you posting once a day, talking about random stuff, not looking at your traffic or not Facebook tagging or Twitter mentioning? Then you might be wasting your precious internet time.

In the beginning, the internet was updated periodically by webmasters, after myspace anyone with a keyboard updated the internet. So imagine today where 1 Billion people ( one seventh of the world’s population) is on Facebook. A lot of updating! So believe when I say that one post a day will certainly be covered up by all the other post zooming thru your activity stream.

Based on your choice of social media drug, if your on a site based on post like Facebook or Google Plus, 3 times a day spread out is good in order to catch the attention of your audience. If its image based like Instagram or Tumblr, 10 to 25 times is actually realistic. And if your limited to 140 characters … well imagine how many other 140 characters tweets you have to compete with.

Do the messages in your post seem a bit schizophrenic? Imagine how your message might sound! A focus consistent message is key to communicating successfully via social media. Your already competing with speed of online updates, every quick chance you get to create an impression you want to be stamping your message.

What should be your message? Here is where analyzing your traffic is key. With Google Analytics or Facebook Insights you can see how your audience reacts to your messages. Its a never ending trail and error process so don’t be afraid to experimenting with your online message but do be flexible enough to change your message if the traffic starts decreasing. Look at it like your own free focus group.

You don’t know what tagging or mentioning is? Then 50% of your social media efforts are going down the drain. We are all narcissistic, we all want free PR so we are all monitoring what ANYONE is saying bout us as well as others, hence social media. So in tagging and mentioning your subject matter, you not only give someone free PR but you will also make yourself visible to the online audience that follows your subject matter.

So now that you know how to do social media correctly, go ahead and post your thoughts away!