Is it Really a HARD LIFE?

Ask anyone and their answer will be YES! But truly, really is life HARD? From Queen to JayZ, they have both put their musical spins on what a Hard Life is but when you think about it … is your life hard?

The grass is greener on the other side. For real, we can go down a list of negatives to your life and compare to someone who is less fortunate but eventually find someone else is even less fortunate then the first one. Endlessly back and forth of who’s yard is greener…when we thankfully all have grass!

It will ALL make sense … in hindsight. While your going thru it, it will ALWAYS feel like the end of the world. After a few times of Armagendon scenes in your life, you start to realize, you will survive. But here is where you choose how you will survive, with a monkey on your back or a beautiful war scar of knowledge.

The sun will come out tomorrow… and then set … and then come out again. Thx to Annie we can’t forget this. The flow of our lives is an endless stream that looks more like circular line then a linear A to B line that goes up or down. Life happens in cycles like the seed to the tree to the napkin to the biodegradable trash that feeds the seeds that will make the next tree.

Is life HARD? N you make it hard. Life is as fine as that first ray of light in the morning sunrise to that split second that you get to decide between happiness or hardness.