Interactive Innovations by Online Fashion Magazines

What do you do when every hour, enough information is consumed by internet traffic to fill 7 million DVDs? You compete for their attention. And what best to do it then create an Online Fashion Magazine.

Now I’m not talking about your moms magazine. These online magazines are on the cutting edge of online interactive art. When you first arrive to many of these high end fashion sites, the navigation to each section beautifully morphs and relates to you in such an intuitive way, you can get lost in virtual land.

Louis Vuitton, a French fashion house founded in 1854, has an “Espace Culturel” section, an online art gallery of an endless amount of multi media and video in full screen and the best resolution. Another section “Digital Discoveries” is an interactive timeline of curated online content in art, travel and lifestyle by influential fashion and design editors. And their Art section has an endless scrolling wall of pop up artwork.

Chanel isn’t to far behind on its own awe inspiring way of presenting content. The visionary behind the content is Karl Lagerfeild. Not only are his day to day activities documented but also his curated art pieces like “The Little Black Jacket” an interactive photo gallery of celebrities from Kanye to Yoko Ono wearing the iconographic chanel little black jacket. The interactive web designers behind the way you see and interact with the images must have seen this in a dream because its gorgeous!

Fashion Houses have always been early adapters of cutting edge technology. With each online interactive piece, the bar is taken a bit higher in the race to keep your attention the most and hopefully buy something while your there.