Everyday Facebook is Shuffling

Yes ladies and gents, Facebook Timeline is coming to your PAGE. They already took over your profile and will take over your page by March 30th. Don’t panic … but do be advise … it shuffles everything on your page. So check out the following tips to make sure your Facebook Page shuffle won’t ruffle your feathers …

COVER PHOTO Wooohooo….talk about 851 pixels wide by 315 high of online real estate. This is the closes Facebook will get to letting you “do your artsy thang”! Depending on your service or product, take advantage of this large space to display who or what you do.

YOUR COMPANIES TIMELINE Yes you can LITERALLY post items to your timeline going back to … well NYTIMES took it all the way to 1959… show offs! But seriously, the NYTIMES Facebook page shows Marilyn Monroe inspecting clippings from the newsroom archives in the company of the Sunday editor, Lester Markel in 1959. The possibilities to show a track record of your amazing company is endless!

CONTROL YOUR POST No really you can control your post by selecting (or “Starring”) if your image or video should show at its maximum width .. YES 851 pixels. You can ALSO “highlight” a post by “PINNING IT” and it will stay at the top of your Facebook page for seven days. Another naughty trick is to change the dates on your post to keep relevant post high up on the page. You can also (in your Activity Log) hide or reveal other peoples post that show up on your page … that way keeping your page nice and clean.

ANALYTICS Facebook compressed important insights in your Admin Panel that shows up on the top of your page. It shows your notifications, messages, recent LIKES and a graph of how many people are “Talking” about you and “Liking” you for the past week. OH and by the way, everyone ELSE can ALSO see how many people are “Talking” about you and “Liking” you for the past week along with Most popular week, city and age group…

So if your feeling a bit naked with Facebook reshuffling your page and blaring out your page ranking, don’t worry, we all are in the room naked together. But hurry up and reshuffle your page…you have till March 30th.