EXPERT DIY TIPS Building Blocks to Social Media

At this point, you might feel like your eyeballs are bleeding with tweets, post, shares, tumbles, plus 1’s and most recently pinning. You are not alone. Social Media has taken on a life of its own where getting to that 140 character tweet starts with a well defined strategy…but where does your strategy start? The following are items to consider when creating a SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY.

GOALS Yes we all LOVE to have someone LIKE us or RT us but truly, what is your goal. Is it selling an item or increasing downloads. No matter what your goal is, it goes further then the amount of LIKES or RT’s. Doesn’t matter how many LIKE’s you have if your bills are not being paid.

AUDIENCE Who are you talking to? The conversation with a 20-something bachelor will be very different from the conversation from a 40 something soccer mom. You need to cater to not only your audience taste but also their schedule and online social media preference. You’ll definitely find the bachelor browsing thru Facebook at 3am but find the soccer mom on Pinterest around lunch time.

CALL TO ACTION Ok so you know what your GOAL is and who your AUDIENCE is, now what is the specific action that they take to accomplish the goal. Is it “joining a mailing list” from Facebook Fan Page or downloading a song by RT a tweet? No matter what the tools are that you are using, outline the Pokies Call To Action from when the viewer is “enticed” to the actual “action” will allow you to see any holes and mis-connections that can get in the way of your goal.

CALENDAR Unlike a poster or postcard, a social media post is a constant repetitive but reworked sales pitch…that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch. To accomplish this, you must create a calendar of attack. One tweet or post is not enough and 100 tweets or post a day is also too much. You need to deliver your social media not only strategically over a period of time but it also should relate to the calendar year. To speak about a summer dish in winter or offer a boot sale in the summer will not really relate to your audience not matter who they are.

MEASURE The saying goes measure twice, cut once. Well in social media land, you measure AFTER the social media campaign. WHY because the attitude of your audience, even if you THINK you know what they want, will always surprise you. When you utilize an online program like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights, you can see which post where liked the most and who (female or male, age etc) liked it.

REPEAT Your social media strategy never really ends. It repeats all over again. Based on your previous campaign, you increase or adjust certain elements and you let your post, tweets, checkins and comments “roll” all over again thru cyber space.