Are You Channeling?

You are most likely “channeling” if you are working in a creative field.

New age terminology calls “channeling” connecting into the collective consciousness”. In workplace terms, “your in the zone” and in business’s terms “your following your gut”. Label it what you want but when you create that successful marketing campaign or highly popular fashion collection or that Top 40 record your inspiration is connecting to something bigger then yourself.

We all want to believe that we all are child prodigies but stick anyone of us in a room with no stimulation, inspiration or interaction, we might forget our names. Today thanks to constant information being downloaded to us thru tv, ads, news, Internet and smartphones we are all very “dialed in”.

As a modern society, we think of ourselves individually disconnected from the next person. Some of us may admit to a invisible, untangeable connection to our children, spouses and family … even good friends, teammates and co-workers.

The truth is we are all part of a larger organism called human kind. Exactly like the cells in your body, not only are we all connected but we are also all hearing, seeing, sensing similar “things”. ¬†Human kind hasa main central source, as with the cells it’s the heart that pumps them out, with humanity people have named it God, the spirit, the universe.

So how does all this “spirituality” connect you to being a marketing strategist, designer or music producer? It is this main source that you are tapping into to make the next “big” thing.

Think of it like keeping your ear to the ground. As with all the great Paul Rand’s, Ralph Lauren’s and today Lady Gaga’s, they all can be considered a voice of the larger population. They tapped in, channeled, hit the nail on the head in figuring out what people want.

So how can you channel more? I’m a big advocate of meditation. It has not only bought me peace but also amazing insight in all areas of my life. Many people find it too abstract but they might not even know they are meditating. Like jogging or simply listening to music … even sitting on the toilet, the only moment of solitude and peace for some is where that amazing “idea” comes to mind.

No matter what your technique is to “tapping in” remember that creativity is based on your senses. Be it site, touch or sound your sensibilities to your senses are what made you a creative person and utilizing them as a doorway into sensing what people want is what will make you successful in your creative career.