Beyond Sustainability Workshop


“Design creates culture. Culture creates values. Values determine the future.” ~ Robert L. Peters

The inherent values of permaculture design speak to the social, economic, and ecological impacts of humanity. Just about every aspect of the world we encounter is designed. Envision your daily commute, the life cycles of the things we consume, and dispose of… Permaculture invites professionals and pedestrians to take advantage of the patterns inherent in nature and evolve the cultures of our society.

After being exposed to Andrew Faust’s potent itself to connect a friend and a design client with Andrew Faust immersive PDC Course on the their 10 Acre multi-use property in the Sheffield County that includes a small farm, Bed and Breakfast, event space and more.

From Sept 1st -13th 7ONE8 is a proud production sponsor of Permaculture Design Certification 12 Day Course where you will be exposed to planning for your 1st site design and working with permaculture principles to reach whole system solutions. Not to be missed, you’ll leave prepared to design your single family sustainable homestead, resilient communities, and symbiotic commerce solutions.

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