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Showing @ SPUTNYC Art Show May 19th

MAY 19th Art Show: Sputnyc presents Clinyc art * design * music with Manyc Records

1 Bruckner Boulevard (corner of 3rd Avenue) in the Gallery, Middleroom, and on the sidewalk . Subway ~ 6 train to 138th Street (first stop in the Bronx, one stop after 125th Street)

Doors at 1:00pm. Until 9:00pm, visual artists will create, display and share their art, while dj ensemble Red Light performs. This event is for the entire family. Children’s workshops will be hosted both indoors and outdoors. Part of the proceeds from art sales at the event will be donated to The Point, a Bronx organization “dedicated to youth development and the cultural and economic revitalization of the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx.”

Event partners also include: Verde Custom Flowers, Paper Slam, LDR Studio Gallery, Bridge, and fromTheBronx.

akiko isomoto * clinyc
axel icard * clinyc
Edward Jahn
Fabio Cutró
Jason Minos
jennifer grimyser * clinyc
jonathan mcintosh * clinyc
Julia Livi
Luis D. Rosado
Marthalicia Matarrita
Nikolitsa Boutieros
Oliver Shearer
patrick carrara * clinyc
philip m shearer * clinyc
stewart laufer * clinyc
victor de matha * clinyc


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